Reception for representatives and sports coaches causes exciting talks and lucky winners


“The expense allowance cannot compensate that whole engagement”, stated Peter Lynen, head of the University Sports Center (HSZ), last night in the gymnasium Eckertweg. To say thank you for such an effort this reception for sports coaches and representatives has been initiated.

  Winner of the lottery Winner Maike Kreutel, representative for Alpine Skiing and Surfing

Sponsored by Sparkasse Aachen the sports coaches and representatives of different types of sports at the HSZ could delight in a special lottery last night. They had the chance to win diverse valuable prices. Lucky winners are Meike Kreutel, representative for Alpine Skiing and Surfing, Jonas Dorißen, sports coach for Gymnastics and also the sports coach for Tennis. As an extremely important fact Peter Lynen highlighted the opportunity to swap ideas at this kind of event.

That worked out: Visitors and employees of the HSZ got into conversation at the bar tables and talked about the types of sports, as well as wishes and problems. For asking questions and solving problems everybody had the chance to write down any suggestions. A team of students who are part of the University Sports Program provided drinks and snacks while the guests could chat with each other.