Running Tracks Reopened

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RWTH Aachen University had on November 2, 2020, unfortunately been forced to suspend sports operations due to the situation around the spread of the Corona virus. Until now, this had affected all facilities of the University Sports Center without exception. The current NRW Corona Protection Ordinance of February 22, 2021, now permits the HSZ to reopen the Königshügel stadium under certain restrictions.


Thanks to the current changes, it is now possible to do sport at all public and private sports facilities, alone or in groups of two if the other person lives in the same household. For organisational reasons, it is not permitted for groups of more than two people to do sport together, even if they live in the same household. Between different people of groups of people, a minimum distance of 5 metres must be maintained. In coordination with the RWTH Aachen University crisis staff, exercise is now permitted again on the cinder and Finnbahn running tracks of the Königshügel stadium under the above conditions. The HSZ is obligated to enforce the distancing requirements. For this reason, we ask all sportspeople to use the central entrance by the HSZ administration building.

Due to the current rulings of the state government all other sports facilities must remain shut. The access ban for these facilities remains in force! Violation of the ban will result in permanent exclusion and further measures being taken!

The reopening of further facilities and resumption of sport operations is dependent on future developments and will be communicated on short notice on the website of the HSZ.

Finally, please note that the Service Point is currently only available via telephone, email or by prior appointment. The rectorate is aware that these measures lead to a restriction to university life. It considers these measures necessary, however, and asks for your understanding, support and cooperation.

Aachen, February 24, 2021

University Sports Center