Student Pausenexpress: Action at Auditorium C.A.R.L.

Pausenexpress in action Copyright: © HSZ

Lay aside your pencil and go: On Wednesday at the C.A.R.L. auditorium there was huge movement, since the student Pausenexpress interrupted a lecture of the subject area Mechanical Engineering.


But the interruption happened at the exact right time in the three hour lecture. First, a few skeptical faces appeared as no one knew what would happen in the next five minutes. But these faces vanished the moment the stretching, unbending and jumping started.

Hundreds of students participated enthusiastically and tried to replicate the soft moves synchronically to the beat. Thus, these five minutes passed really quickly without much sweating so that the students could get back to work with new power.

But how can you be part of the Student Pausenexpress? Simply approach your docent and he or she will contact the HSZ. Not much longer and the short but effective break will be part of your weekly routine.