Successful Network Meeting of the “German University Sports Federation” at HSZ

Network Meeting at HSZ Copyright: © HSZ

There could not have been a better timing: While 25 participants of the second network meeting of the “German University Sports Federation” (adh) were interchanging about their events, the University Sports Show took place in the evening. This show highlighted the significance of events that are organized by the HSZ and on top of that, it was a great chance to witness the concept and its implementation at first hand.


The adh network meeting is all about the exchange of theory and experience in health promotion, popular sports and events. For this purpose, representatives of the particular universities meet from time to time in order to be informed about new trends in university sports.

Conveniently, this meeting could be connected to the University Sports Show, which takes place every year, so that the attendees could be part of this great event and have a direct insight in the “event circus” of the HSZ and RWTH Aachen. Some of the participants were mightily impressed by the professionalism and the variety of acts, which had been shown on stage and also backstage, even though they have seen a lot of these events before.

Besides the University Sports Show, they presented other events of the HSZ as well. Every single event is conceived in many variants and on high standard. For this work, the help of student assistants and volunteers is as essential as the public relations activities of the HSZ. Without their support, it would not be possible to create such stunning events and sport offers.

The attendees enjoyed the linkage of the network meeting and a present event much. This connection between theory and experience can be understood as an exemplary program for the next meetings to come.

For more information and pictures of the adh network meeting visit the hompage of the adh.