Beach Sport Season Is Starting on April 1


The beach sport facility will be opened for the next season from April 1 daily and there are also new course offers available.

The online registration for the individual date booking and the beach volleyball card for unsupervised games, which is valid from April 1 to March 31, are now unlocked.

The beach volleyball subscription starts on April 24 and the registration will be activated with the regular online registration on April 11 at 4pm.

In May, beach volleyball courses with supervised training and learning content are starting, which not only offer courses for beginners, but also for advanced players in level 3.

Information and booking:

Beach Volleyball Card for Beach Volleyball Games

Individual Date Booking Beach Volleyball

Individual Date Booking for Beach Soccer, Beach Frisbee, Beach Handball

Beach Volleyball Subscription

Beach Soccer, Beach Frisbee, Beach Handball Subscription