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Basic Information

Target Group:
Doctoral Candidates
University Professors
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Birgit Thun

PROMOS Foreign Scholarships


+49 241 80 90687




PROMOS funding has been expanded to include all countries outside of Europe!


Application Deadlines

May 1, 2020, and September 1, 2020


PROMOS, the German Academic Exchange Service or DAAD's scholarship program is financed with funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. It has been funding and supporting students’ mobility with scholarships for short stays since 2010. Besides funding study trips, the program can also fund study or internships abroad.

Funded Countries

Applications will only be accepted for countries outside Europe. Please refer to the detailed list of countries and types of grants. Stays in countries or regions for which the Federal Foreign Office has issued a travel warning cannot, however, be funded. Please refer to the Federal Foreign Office for information about which countries or regions are affected.

Who Can Apply?

Lecturers at RWTH who wish to organize a group trip to one of the funding countries between January and December with students and/or doctoral candidates from the University can apply for DAAD funding.
To qualify as a study trip, the trip not only has to provide students with knowledge in their field and cultural insight into the host country but also bring students and researchers together and include a visit of an existing or potential partner institution. The respective university instructor is eligible to apply.

Details About Funding

  • Study trips are funded with a stipend of 45 euros per person, per day.
  • Between 5 and 15 students per study trip can be funded. One accompanying university staff member can also be funded.
  • Trips can be funded for between five and twelve days, including the day of departure and arrival, even if the entire trip is longer.
  • Study trips supported by German public funds cannot receive PROMOS funding.


The supervising university staff member should send the following documents to Birgit Thun-Vié.

  • Application form
  • Detailed program description for the academic stay: study-related and non-study related reasons for the trip, outline of the program with precise visit and tour goals, preparatory and follow-up work from the participants, itinerary
  • Presentation of the participants’ preparation in relation to the subject
  • Funding plan:
  • Cost estimate: costs of flight, food, accommodation, other expenses et cetera for
  • participating students
  • the excursion leader
  • Revenue and sources of revenue
  • Invitation from the foreign university
  • Your excursion number – please contact RWTH's Travel Management Office for this.


PROMOS scholarship recipients are selected by the International Office based on the following criteria:

  • Technical skills and information to be taught on the trip
  • Inclusion in the curriculum
  • Opportunity for German students to meet students and researchers in the host country
  • Consolidation of existing university partnerships / laying the foundation for new partnerships / adding value to RWTH's internationalization strategy
  • Cultural insight into the host country

After the Scholarship Has Been Awarded

If you application was successful, the excursion leader who applied will receive a letter of confirmation and a statement of acceptance to sign and return.

After the Study Trip

After the academic stay, you must submit documentation of how you used the funds to the RWTH Travel Management Office. Once this has been reviewed, the funds will be transferred to the excursion account. If you have questions about the disbursement or transfer process, please contact the Travel Management Office.

Please be sure to also submit the following documents to Birgit Thun-Vié:

  • A list of the participants' and excursion leader’s signatures
  • Personal details of the participants as proof for the DAAD
  • Evidence of the actual duration of the trip

RWTH Travel Management

PROMOS can offer you funding for your academic stay. However, RWTH's Travel Management Office is in charge of all the organizational details, such as registration, requesting an excursion number, or establishing an excursion account. Your group strip must be registered with the Travel Management Office to be able to be considered for PROMOS funding.