Challenge Your Senses at RWTH Health Day 2017!


The RWTH Health Day on May 10, 2017 focusses on all senses: seeing, tasting, hearing, smelling and feeling. That is why the theme “Healthy with all senses” depicts this day perfectly. 

  Model of the human ear Copyright: © HSZ

This year, the Health Day will revive your hidden or long forgotten senses of daily life. Due to a lack of exercise, fast food and permanent input from all directions, our senses must cope with a lot: vibrating basses at clubs or long periods of sitting whilst studying or working damage our five senses. That is why the RWTH Health Day 2017 is providing several activities to join in as well as suggestions to sharpen your senses.

On the one side, participants can listen to interesting presentations on these topics, and on the other they discover their ears with the help of a three dimensional ear model. What is the anatomic structure, what pathological modification may occur? All these questions will be answered with this model in order to make deceases of the organ of hearing more understandable. On top of this, the irreparable effect of damages of the ear will be highlighted and you can check your own ability of hearing on site. Besides healthcare checks, there are also workshops, activities to join in and different sport offers such as Yoga or a parkour of senses. If you would like to have a break from your stressful daily life, you can try out the mobile massage, BrainLIGHT-Chairs or even exercises of attentiveness.

On May 10, 2017 between 10am and 4pm the Super C area will be transformed in a healthcare spot. All students as well as employees of RWTH Aachen or Uniklinik are invited to participate in the activities. Discover your senses and be part of this event!

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