Ready for Summer With the New Sports Program

HSZ members presenting the sports program Copyright: © HSZ

Whether you are into ball sports, Yoga or looking for surf or sailing tours- this summer semester the sports program offered by the University Sports Center of RWTH Aachen (HSZ) covers it all and impresses with its variety: Even couch potatoes will find a matching activity so that the active summer is ready to come.


It is the typical procedure: Once the courses are available, they are booked in no time. Thereby, the HSZ website is flooded by people who would like to save their favorite course for the new semester. This summer semester, the sports program is as diverse as always: There are 2000 guided courses in 90 different types of sports and on top of this, the HSZ still provides open offers. Peter Lynen, head of the University Sports Center, points out that the varied sport offers are very important as they “bring them all together”. That way, everyone can find a type of sport that really fits perfectly to them. University sport also addresses people who could not enjoy sports in school, since they are not into these typical sports such as athletics or gymnastics. Thus, on the one hand students “can still start their personal sports career”, and on the other hand it is a good opportunity to promote social contacts.

Besides different martial arts, dancing courses and various ball sports, the HSZ also offers health oriented courses. That is why there are also Yoga and Pilates courses, as well as relaxation exercises. Moreover, “the everyday life should be more active”, as research associate and healthcare expert Uwe Bollmann stresses. To make lectures and seminars more active, the Student Pausenexpress will be conducted. This service will also be available at different stations along the ways such as between the canteen and the university. But not only students, also employees are addressed by these offers. That is why the HSZ organizes the “RWTH Health Day” on May 10 that will provide a sitting check and suggestions for a moving daily routine.

On top of this all, sport fanatics are already awaiting several popular events this summer semester: On June 2, the 1st RWTH Campuslauf is taking place on Campus Melaten. After that, there are two event highlights that have been famous for decades: The RWTH FH SPORTS DAY on June 21 that shows a wide-ranging overview of the sport offers the HSZ is providing, and the Lousberglauf on July 5, which is the one and only running event of Aachen. Registration for this event will start on May 8, and you have to be quick to save one of the desired starting places.

Last but not least, the water sport courses are very popular in summer semester and they are not fully booked yet. Water fans can enjoy the different water sport offers that will take place on Wildenhof at Rursee. So if you are interested in sailing or stand up paddling courses, you still have the chance to be part of it. And if you like traveling, you can take part in one of the extra tours to Netherlands, Spain or Southern France.

Summer semester 2017 is offering a lot, so be quick and save one of the last spots! More information can be found at the program brochure or at