3,2,1 and Go – This is the Last Chance to Register for the 1. RWTH Campuslauf!


All running enthusiasts are able to register for the premier of the RWTH Campuslauf until May 31, 2012. On June 2, the most innovative science location of Europe Campus Melaten is the place to be.

  Running Trail FitnessRun at the Campuslauf Copyright: © HSZ

Besides the traditional Lousberglauf, the University Sports Center (HSZ) also organizes the RWTH Campuslauf for the first time this year. The running tracks around Campus Melaten, which is the youngest and most innovative Campus area of the RWTH, are going to be inaugurated on June 2. The Techniker Krankenkasse supports this running event, since it is their “heart’s desire to support the RWTH Campuslauf as a health partner”.

Regardless of whether you are an amateur runner or a top athlete, this event provides it all: You can participate in the FunRun with a 4,6km distance, or in the 9,0km FitnessRun. If you are not into single disciplines as you are a team player, you and your team mates can register for the relay, in which four runners will split the 9,2km distances and cover them together.

If you are not into running at all, at least the framework program will be interesting for you. You can have a nice and informative afternoon on Campus Melaten, as a lot of music, different delicacies and exclusive tours through diverse institutes on the campus are offered. On top of this, there will be health oriented activities to join in offered by the Techniker Krankenkasse, the Universtitätsklinikum Aachen and the association “Freunde und Förderer der RWTH Aachen e.V. (ProRWTH)” for all attendees and spectators.

While the HSZ has almost finished planning this huge event, running enthusiasts can still register for the 1. RWTH Campus Run until May 31, 2017 at 12am. This event might also be a great preparation for the legendary Lousberglauf on July 5, 2017!

More information about the running trails, framework program and the registration can be found at the 1. RWTH Campus Run.