Student Bodies and the HSZ Signed the new Cooperation Agreement


Yesterday, on the day of the RWTH FH Sports Day 2017, the new cooperation agreement of representatives of the sports department, sports committee and the HSZ was signed.

  Signing the agreement Copyright: © HSZ Lorenz Wutke, Wenzel Wittich and Peter Lynen while signing the cooperation agreement

“This signature is a symbol of the cooperation and the corporate composition of university sports”, as Peter Lynen, head of the HSZ, said. This agreement is the foundation of a joint development that focusses on lots of different aims. On the one side, student bodies are involved in financial aspects of university sports, on the other side institutes stray for a qualitative enhancement that includes a collaborative elaboration of tariff structure and expense allowance. It is important that the representatives of the sports department are included in this developing process in order to take the student’s sportive needs into account.