UniLauf-Cup 2017: Aachen Might Win!

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The traditional final of the cup during Lousberglauf powered by STAWAG will decide it all: The team of Aachen has already achieved 38 points and therefore is on the second rank having the same score as Köln.


The runners definitely have to give their best at the Lousberglauf, which is organized in cooperation with the residential towers in Rütscher Straße. These last points will be significant. After the first three parts of the competition in Bonn, Dortmund and Münster, the final of this event will take place in Aachen. At the moment, Bonn holds the first place with 50 points, followed by Aachen and Köln. The university Münster holds the third place with 34 points, and they will definitely do their best to be one of the best three!

That’s why it will be very suspenseful on July 5. 5.555m needs to be covered! If the team of Aachen is able to use their home advantage will be interesting to see. We wish the best and are looking forward to a great event, which is even more exiting due to the UniLauf 2017!