RWTH Eighth Wins Bronze Medal

The excited rowing team Copyright: © HSZ

Huge excitement at the competition in Subotica: The team of RWTH Aachen won the third rank which is the best rank of the RWTH rowers in history!


This weekend, the European University Championships (EUC) in rowing took place in Subotica in Serbia. The RWTH Eighth took part again and after a second rank in the preliminaries against the strong team of Oxfort Brookes University, the university champion could save their ticket for the finals.

The rowing eighth kept calm even if they had a bad position on the outer track. “Our technique was a triumph against this strong opponent and in the bad conditions”, said Lovis Heinrich. “I cannot believe it!”, as Thilo Bialaschik expresses their feelings hours after the race.

Now, the students will focus on their exams and after that they will need to defend their national title at the University Championships in Brandenburg in order to qualify for the next EUC in Portugal.

The rowers were: Thilo Bialaschik, Niklas Kell, Julian Zawila, Jonas Kell, Lovis Heinrich, Michel Overlack, Lukas Raming, Nils Knorr and Miriam Höner. Substitute: Lukas Klapheck.