Fabian Maul, Winner of the Volunteer Prize 2020 Powered by Sparkasse Aachen

  Fabian Maul with a donation check in his hands Copyright: © HSZ

Handball player Fabian Maul will be honored this year with the Volunteer Prize for his special achievements in voluntary work for university sports at RWTH Aachen University. This year, the honor will take the form of a video. All institutions, which are also involved in the honor at the University Sports Show, express their special congratulations here.

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The Volunteer Prize is usually awarded during the University Sports Show. Although this special event could not take place this year, the rectorate of RWTH and FH Aachen, the University Sports Center (HSZ), and especially the Sparkasse Aachen did not want to miss the Volunteer Prize. "The Volunteer Prize honors social and long-term commitment and an outstanding achievement in voluntary work," says Peter Lynen, Head of the HSZ.

"We honor Fabian Maul not only because he has taken on the role of coach and chairman at the HSZ, but also precisely because he has invested the time, in addition to his studies," emphasizes Prof. Dr. Klee, Vice-Rector of RWTH, in her laudatory speech.

The Volunteer Prize is sponsored again this year by Sparkasse Aachen. "Voluntary work is the cornerstone of our society. Without voluntary work, not much goes on, while with voluntary work, a lot goes on." says Dr. Burmester, Board member of Sparkasse Aachen.

Fabian Maul studied Electrical Engineering at RWTH Aachen University and demonstrated extraordinary social commitment as chairman of the handball sport. He says the University Sports Center of RWTH (HSZ) was his first port of call to continue playing handball while studying Electrical Engineering. He accepted the position as coach and was later elected chairman. As chairman, he helped to organize several tournaments and coordinated the handball team. Fabian Maul receives the Volunteer Prize of the Sparkasse Aachen for his achievements in 2020 at the HSZ.