Alexander Technique


Painfree movement, confident appearance, overcoming challenges!

The aim of the Alexander-Technique is to enable you to shape your movement more consciously. Actors, dancers, musicians and professional athletes learn this method to give their movement greater quality and vitality, reduce the chance of injury and perform with greater presence and authority.

Thanks to its effective and sustainable approach to improving mobility and posture, the Alexander-Technique is being successfully applied in an ever increasing number of fields including the promotion of health in general; the treatment of back, neck and shoulder pain; joint problems; head aches and dealing with stressful situations.

A study published in 2008 in the British Medical Journal confirmed the effectiveness of the Alexander-Technique in fighting back pain. In a controlled, comparative study, patients who learned and practiced the technique in 24 sessions profited the most. The time spent suffering back pain was reduced from an average of 21 days per month to just three, with the technique still showing effects a year later. A result that couldn’t be matched either through massages, physiotherapy or pain management for any of the 579 test subjects.

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