News about the Project Active Campus Europe

  High diver Alexander Lube on the diving platform Copyright: © Alexander Lube

As part of its international project Active Campus Europe (ACE) University Sports is, beginning in October embarking on a 10-week program for students to bring more movement into their everyday.

To begin with, in cooperation with the University doctor, the students will receive a free fitness check-up. The entire program costs only 20 euros per person and up to 30 students can participate. It includes a variety of supervised and freely selectable courses and it is clear: It is much easier to overcome your sloth, and find your motivation together.

The University Sports Team is looking forward to helping students bring more exercise into their daily lives! Click here to sign up.

We all also invite all students and employees of RWTH to the active kickoff-event Lunch-Beat-Break. This active lunch break will take place on Friday, 10.29.2017 from 1:30 to 2:00pm in the Couvenhalle. Entry is free and all students and employees are very welcome to move to the beat with us.