University Sports Show 2018 - The Full Spectrum of University Sports in a Single Evening!


Preperations for the event on February 6 are already in full swing, so that this year the extraordinary show acts can again excite the audience. Within five days of the start of the advance sale of tickets the event was already sold out.


In less than three weeks’ time the University Sports Show 2018 will be back with a wide array of stunning performances with which to thrill the audience. As well as the classics like Rhönrad, Rock’n’Roll and oriental dance, there will this year also be a show performance of the Japanese martial art Aikido. Although it shares many aspects with other Japanese martial arts, it still has its own distinct character. Spectators can look forward to seeing how the martial artists present their sport on stage.
Like every year, the show will be accompanied by the FH Aachen Big Band “Full House”, providing a fitting musical backdrop to the performances throughout the show.

One of the highlights of the evening will take place even before the start of the show: At 6:30pm the “Spitzensportpreis des Aachener Hochschulsports powered by STAWAG” for outstanding sporting achievements in university sports will be awarded.
Dr. Christian Becker, board director at STAWAG explains the commitment of the Aachen energy firm: “By sponsoring this event, we not only wish to show our affinity for RWTH Aachen University and its many students, but also reward all university athletes in Aachen, who through their sporting effort and dedication make the event a success and contribute to the great reputation of the university. By awarding the ‘Spitzensportpreis des Aachener Hochschulsports powered by STAWAG’, STAWAG is honoring those athletes, who, through their outstanding sporting performance, have managed to excel in a tough competition environment.”

Additionally the University Sports Center will again be awarding the volunteering prize by Sparkasse Aachen, as voluntary engagement is greatly appreciated in university sports. For those who already during the breathtaking show will be unable to stay on their seats, there will be an Aftershow Party in the Apollo in conclusion to the show, providing plenty of opportunity to celebrate.
Entry to the party for guests of the University Sports Show costs only 3 euros (Regular entry fee: 3.50 euros).


- Entry: from 5:45pm

- Awards Ceremony: 6:30pm

- Show performances will begin directly thereafter