Not for Lightweights – Conclusion of this Year’s Leichtes Spiel

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This year’s edition of the sports event „Leichtes Spiel“ was characterized by a great atmosphere, exciting matches and happy winners. Athletes of different levels competed in three different sports and all gave impressive performances.


A full day of exciting competition in three different disciplines – that’s something you only get at the University Sports Center’s Leichtes Spiel on the Königshügel. As always, the highly sought-after spaces for the individual matches were occupied very quickly, meaning that players had plenty of time to prepare.

Last weekend, on November 19, match day had finally arrived. Players and spectators alike were excited. The competitions in volleyball, badminton and table tennis could take place in a great atmosphere.

The victors of the individual matches had a particular cause for celebration. In Volleyleicht, the team Beach Please 1 came out on top. Federleicht in the hobby category was won by Cahyono Iriawan, while Shota Ito was able to prove himself among the professionals. The third category, Topspinleicht was won by Charline Blankart and Achim Wick in the hobby and professional levels, respectively.

A detailed overview of the placements of the day can be seen in the Results List. The University Sports Center (HSZ) congratulates all winners and is pleased about the conclusion of yet another successful event this year!