Save the Date: Ticket Presale for the Ice Hockey Uni Cup on November 30!

Winner Moussa Hudrog while reaching the finish line © HSZ

It is the event before the event: The presale of tickets for the Ice Hockey Uni Cup. Queues form hours before and some people even camp in front of the booking offices! Those who wish to witness the Uni-Cup need to arrive at the ticket offices early and strike as quickly as possible.


A little more than two weeks and the Advance sale of tickets for the Ice Hockey Uni-Cup begins. On November 30 at precisely 10am the following booking offices will open their doors to supply sports fans with tickets:

RWTH Aachen University Sports Center
Sporthalle Königshügel
Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße 3 52074 Aachen

Fachschaft Elektrotechnik der RWTH Aachen
Augustinerbach 2a 52062 Aachen

Fachschaft Maschinenbau der RWTH Aachen
Augustinerbach 6 52062 Aachen

Fachschaft Medizin der RWTH Aachen
Pauwelsstraße 30 52074 Aachen

Please be aware, that this year the student bodies will only sell tickets to students and employees of their own fields, while the University Sports Center will sell tickets to everybody. The tickets cost 9€ and sale is limited to two per person.

Those who don’t want to miss the event should remember the date and allow for enough time in their planning! We wish you successful queue!