An Unforgettable Evening: Conclusion of the Gala Ball presented by Sparkasse Aachen

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Over 900 guests came together last Saturday, November 25, to enjoy an unforgettable evening in the sold out Eurogress. They came together to dance and enjoy the RWTH Gala Ball presented by Sparkasse Aachen, which was organized by the RWTH Aachen University Sports Center (HSZ).


The Gala Ball is the highlight of the university year. Before the proper start of the event, the RWTH Talk took place in the neighboring Quellenhof. This time graced by the presence of a special guest: Petr Konvalinka, rector of the Czech Technical University in Prague. His visit highlighted the importance of international cooperation for RWTH Aachen University. This year, the event was opened by Prof. Dr. Doris Klee, vice-rector for human resources management and development, with a spectacular opening dance. The “mix of guests and the closeness to the people” are according to her what makes the event special. Additionally, as the RWTH, we can show with this event “what a fantastic university sports center we have”, Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Doris Klee added.

Of the opinion, that academic excellence and excellence in university sports go hand in hand, is Peter Lynen, head of the university sports center. University sports serve as a balance to the demanding daily routine at university and enable the social communication and integration of students. University sports is the “emotional side of the university”, says Peter Lynen. Particularly emotive during the Gala Ball were the various show performances. The performance of the dance couple, in particular, is according to Melih Özkardes, the event coordinator of university sports, a traditional and important part of the program. A ballet group, comprising of international students also enchanted the event with international flair.

The right clothes are also important at the Gala Ball. Student representative for sport at RWTH and FH Aachen particularly enjoys “smartening oneself up and experiencing a stylish evening”. It was her first time attending the Gala Ball as a student representative. Prior to the event, students as well as other guests and patrons had the opportunity to attend various dance classes and learn the basics. Susanne Wiese, head of ballroom dancing at University Sports, leads multiple dance classes for beginners and also for more advanced dancers. The 200-strong waiting list for the classes, confirms their popularity among members of the university.

Dr. Christian Burmester, boardmember at Sparkasse Aachen, called the Gala Ball “a different kind of evening event, which is completely unique”. To show his personal fondness for the event, he would like to enable the continuation of the traditional sponsoring of the event by Sparkasse Aachen in the future.

This would particularly please the management of University Sports, as, according to Peter Lynen, the festive athmosphere of the event enables exchanges “beyond subject and faculty lines”.

The over 900 guests enjoyed a spectacular evening with varied performances and great live music and is sure to be remembered by those who attended for a long time to come.