Save the Date: Campuslauf 2018


The inaugural Campus Lauf running event on Campus Melaten this year was a great success. Over 900 people took part and proudly crossed the finish line.The event should now become a new tradition and in April 2018 the runners will again be waiting for the starting gun.


The year isn't over yet, but the events of the University Sports Centre are already visible on the horizon - Running enthusiasts should mark April 20, 2018 in their diaries!

That'll be when the RWTH Campuslauf will take place for the second time ever. It is an event that is great fun, brings people together and is a fantastic motivator to keep fit!

So, whether you're already a good runner or have as a New Years resolution taken it upon yourself to become one, this is an event for everybody and can't be missed! You will not only get to enjoy the fantastic athmosphere, but also the location on Aachen's most innovative campus!