The Vice-Champion of the DHM Equestrian Championship in Marburg is from Aachen!

Copyright: © Benedikt Biesemeier, Germany

On the first weekend of December Marburg was invaded by hordes of riders! However, it wasn’t the Mongols this time, but instead the 61. German University Equestrian Championship where, (as is customary for university horse riding) riderscompeted in the disciplines of dressage and show jumping.


Taking the reins for RWTH, as a single rider, was Jenny Gerhards. Before the first contests could take place, a small party provided the perfect start for the DHM Reiten 2017. During dressage on Friday morning, the rider from Aachen was unfortunately unable to beat the strong competition and was sadly eliminated after the first round.

Friday night, the great “Rider’s Night” was celebrated, but not for too long, as the next day would be a hard one, with the competition carrying on with the show jumping discipline. It proved to be an exciting day: A rider from Düsseldorf gave a strong performance with 8.8 points, but Jenny Gerhards didn’t let that stop her, jumping to a fantastic score of 8.9 Points. Following further tense rounds it was decided. The rider from Aachen can take part in the Final!

As is customary in the final of the German Championship, the riders changed horses, meaning that both finalists would have to navigate the parcour on two, to them, completely unknown horses. As they are judged based on time and number of faults, it is better to ride slowly and avoid knocking the posts off the obstacles. In the first round, the competition from Iserlohn gave a flawless performance, while Jenny Gerhards had to accept a few faults. Things improved in the second round, where she completed the course flawlessly. However, the competition had overall managed to knock down fewer posts, meaning that she won by a hair breadth.

Despite this, it was an excellent performance by Jenny Gerhards and the University Sports Center heartily congratulates her to winning the title of German Vice-Champion in Show jumping 2017. Additionally, for her extraordinary performance in the first round (8.9 Points) she received the style prize for the most beautiful ride.