It Takes Creativity to Participate in the RWTH Indoor Football Cup!


When the floor of the Königshügel Sports Hall is shaking, then that’s when you know that the Indoor Football Cup has come around again. This year, it’s taking place on Saturday March 17 from 10am. Interested teams have been able to sign up to it since last week. Participation costs 72 euros per team. At the end, the winning team gets to go home with the highly coveted challenge cup.


Overall, 20 teams will compete against each other. The participating teams give it their all during the cup and are supported by a large crowd of enthusiastic spectators. Tournament spaces are in high demand, so teams will need to be persuasive with a creative and expressive application to have a chance at taking part. The RWTH Indoor Football Cup is a mixed tournament. Therefore teams must consist of at most twelve players, of which at least three are female. Anybody from the RWTH, regardless of department of institution, can participate.