Spaces left in the Yoga Courses of the University Sports Center!


Are you looking to become more dynamic, moveable and strong? Or do you simply want to relax after university? Then the Yoga courses of the RWTH Aachen University Sports Center are the thing for you! In some courses that started this week, there are still some spaces available. Those interested can still sign up.


There exist countless yoga styles, which overlap in parts. They range from calm and slow styles like Anti-Stress Yoga and Yin Yoga to the more dynamic and physically demanding types, like Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga and the more static Hatha Yoga.

There are still spaces free in the following courses:

Ashtanga Yoga (dynamic, set movement sequences, energetic):

Hatha Yoga (static, holistic, energetic):

Very few spaces remaining in the dynamic and energetic Vinyasa und Power Yoga :

Acro Yoga (energetic, playful, flexibility):

Anti-Stress Yoga (calm, regenerative, relaxing):

Yin Yoga (maintaining stretches, calm, relaxing):

All that participants require to participate in a course is a towel, comfortable clothes, something to drink and, if available, a yoga-mat, as well as fun in movement.