Actively through the Summer Semester: The Sports Program of the University Sports Center!


Anybody still working on their beach bodies should have no trouble finding the right course in the great and varied program offered by the University Sports Center (HSZ). With offers ranging from various ball sports over surfing and sailing trips to yoga and relaxation courses, there is something for everybody!


Student demand for courses is as great as ever. In order to secure a place in their favorite courses, countless students simultaneously logged into the website of the University Sports Center during the first course period. The program is as varied as ever in the 2018 summer semester: The HSZ is offering 2’000 instructed courses in over 90 different sports. Among these are, for example, the Extra Tours to destinations like Andalusia, Leucate, Ardèche and Denmark. Variety is important, so that every can find an offer to their tastes. As the Head of the University Sports Center. Peter Lynen, says: University Sports is “the last institutionalized chance in life to awaken somebody’s interest in sport and movement, as many will have gathered negative experiences during PE at school.” Additionally, there is no better and easier place to get to know people than during sport, Peter Lynen adds.
With the help of the sports representatives of the student bodies at RWTH and FH Aachen “the lines of communication between students and the University Sports Center should be kept as short as possible”, says the Head of the University Sports Center. Students often bring their concerns to the Sports representatives, which, according to the student sports representative Juliana Kirchhoff, “act as a mediator between students and the HSZ”.

The fact, that the interests of students are greatly varied is shown by the positive reception of the chess course, introduced this summer. Ramon Marställer, Event Coordinator of the University Sports Center was enthusiastic about the student reception of the course, because “sign up began soon after the announcement of the new course and it was booked out almost immediately.”

This semester also heralds the start of the second part of the movement round of the ACE project. Active Campus Europe (ACE) is an Erasmus+ supported project, which focuses on health promotion and prevention for students and employees of universities. RWTH Aachen University, which has received the greatest portion of funding from the Erasmus+ program, is the project lead. The aim of the project is to create a healthier and more active work and study environment and motivate the participants to look out for their own health.

Together with 15 partners from seven different countries, the University Sports Center is testing programs to achieve this. The second round of the movement program began on April 16. Out of 80 applicants only 19 were selected for the practical phase. “Before the start of the course program, the health of the participants will be checked by the university doctor”, explains the coordinator of the movement program, Miriam Becker. The movement and fitness courses will be taking place from April until July. Additionally. Participants will receive insight into sports like Pilates, Yoga, running and an introduction to the gym.

On April 20, the 2. RWTH Campuslauf will be taking place on the Campus Melaten and will thereby be opening the event season of Aachens University Sports. And of course, the cult events of the University Sports Center cannot be forgotten: In June the “hands-on event”, the RWTH FH SPORTS DAY, will be taking place. It enables “the various sports of the university to present themselves and thereby offer visitors plenty of attractive offers to try their hands on”, explains Peter Lynen, head of the University Sports Center. Additionally, from October 12 to 14, the German University Judo Championship will be hosted by the University Sports Center, which, according to a statement of the head of the HSZ, is one of the largest university championships of the association.

Even for couch potatoes, with such an extensive program, there is no excuse not to go through the summer semester actively! Sign up for the remaining places or tours quickly, before they’re booked out too! Further information is available in our current brochure or online under