Underwater Rugby

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Underwater rugby (UWR) is a sport that originated in the 1960s in the Ruhr area and is now played internationally. The goal of this full-contact team sport is to get the ball into the opponent's goal, which is underwater. The players move forward diving with fins, diving masks, and snorkels. Up to the first national league it is played with mixed teams. The most important rule: only the person in possession of the ball is allowed to be attacked. The ball filled with salt water sinks to the bottom in fresh water. It is played with 6 players per team. As in ice hockey, the game is played on the fly.


Dates, Prices, and Booking



Lukas Mardak






Ulrich Weber

Sports teacher



Target Group and Requirements

The program is aimed at all those who have sufficient swimming skills (at least swimming level 3) and would like to learn or deepen their knowledge of underwater rugby.

Advanced participants who wish to attend the Level 2 course, please ask the representative for the password.

Contents and Goals

This course will first teach the necessary swimming and diving techniques, as well as how to defend and conquer the ball. As the course progresses, the three basic playing positions of UWR (basket, defense, and offense) as well as the basic tactical game structure will be introduced and deepened.

Sports Facilities

Schwimmhalle Ost


For hygienic reasons, use your own ABC equipment (diving mask, fins, snorkel) and a cap similar to water polo caps.

A limited number of ABC-equipment (see Borrowing of ABC Equipment) can be borrowed from the Aachener Tauchclub e.V. for testing purposes by paying a deposit. For tips on purchasing your own equipment, please ask the instructor of the course.

Borrowing of ABC Equipment

If you do not have your own ABC equipment as a participant of the university sports course underwater rugby, you can borrow equipment consisting of a mask, a snorkel, and fins for the duration of the course. The ABC equipment will be handed out at the first session of the respective period by the chairperson or the course instructor of underwater rugby, upon presentation of the booking confirmation "Deposit Borrowing ABC Equipment Underwater Rugby". The equipment remains for the respective period in the possession of the borrowing person and is to be treated carefully.

The deposit for the equipment loan is 50 euros. The HSZ reserves the right to collect the deposit partially or completely in case of damage or loss.

Special Requirements for Participation

By registering for this course, you become a member of the swimming department of the association Freunde und Förderer des Aachener Hochschulsports e. V. FuFAH for the duration of the course. The fee for this course includes the membership fee for the swimming sports department of FuFAH Sport e. V. for the duration of the swimming sports course. The temporary membership does not require a separate cancellation and expires automatically at the end of this course.


The course is offered in cooperation with the Aachener Tauchclub e.V.

Access is through the side entrance of Schwimmhalle Ost.

Course Cancellations and Facility Closures

If you would like to be informed of last minute course cancellations and facility closures affecting this course, please join the corresponding mailing list.