New Pricing Structure and Registration Process from WiSe 2018/19

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On the fifth day of competition on the regatta course of Montemor-o-Velho in Coimbra (Portugal), RWTH Aachen University’s men’s eight team took bronze in the European University Games in the rowing discipline. Overall, the German team secured 13 medals, placing second in the overall rating.


The program and fee structure of Aachen's University Sports will change beginning in the winter semester 18/19. All information about this change can be found on the HSZ website. These are the relevant links:

How is University Sports financed?

How is Aachen University Sports financed?

What offer types are there and how can they be booked?

Program and Booking Structure

What do individual offers cost? (Specific prices can be viewed via the link dates, prices and booking on the corresponding course page.)

Sports Program

Online Registration Start

As before, the semester is split into two course periods. Booking for the first period starts October 2, 2018. Offers in the second period are bookable from December 4, 2018.


In order to enable a smooth registration process, the registration start times for the various programs of the University Sports Center are staggered and split into three different start times.

From 4pm All offers except game sports and fitness are unlocked

From 4:30pm All game sports offers are unlocked

From 5pm All fitness offers are unlocked