Athletics Basic Training


Dates, Prices and Booking


Target Group and Requirements

This course is aimed at athletes with previous athletics experience, as well as those without prior experience.

Content and Goals

The aim is to teach and train the basics of athletics whereby the running disciplines are the focus of the course. Contents of the course are: Reaction and acceleration from the starting block, top speed, sprinting stamina and the correct running technique. Jumping power will be improved through different strength and circuit exercises. Additionally, the core and general athletic fitness will be trained. Level 1 is aimed at athletes with little to no prior experience. In Level 2, the level of training is more intense and techniques will be trained more in depth.


Meeting Point

Stadium changing rooms at the entrance of the RWTH Gym. Please bring sports clothing and appropriate footwear to the first date, as well. In order to safely lock away your property in the lockers of the RWTH Gym, a padlock is required. Regular participation is recommended.


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