„Leichtes Spiel“ at the University Sports Center

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When the balls start flying through the air, the shoes squeak across the floor and things are getting hectic, then it means that the “Leichtes Spiel” is taking place again in the sports halls of the RWTH Aachen University Sports Center.


Anybody who feels like it can take part in the event, which, on November 11, will turn the sports halls into tournament grounds. All tournaments will be split into different levels, so that everybody can look forward to a fair competition. Each category is further split into single and team competitions.

In this well-known event, athletes compete in three different sports: Federleicht, Topspinleicht and Volleyleicht. The first two are each split into a hobby and pro category. Behind the names are the all-around popular sports Badminton, Table Tennis and Volleyball.

Those who would like to take part, can sign up and look forward to an event, that is fun and exciting in equal parts. Entry for spectators is free and everybody is welcome to watch and support their friends.

Important: Catering is not provided!