The Runners are Sharp, the Ice is Slippery and the Tension Palpable: The EUC is here!


This week, team training for the EUC, which will bring the 100,5 Arena to the boil on December 6, has started. Teams of the three faculties, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and medicine, are making their way, as is tradition, into the cold arena to learn tricks and strategies to defeat their opponents. The stakes are high: only one team can take home the coveted Thyssen-Trophy at the end of the night. The local teams will also have to contend with international competition this year: The Swiss are coming! This year, they’ll have to prove their mettle against the Zürich University Team.

The teams will be supported by groups of cheerleaders. The mixed teams will not only be cheering, but also showing off with stunts, pyramids and floor gymnastics. The choreographies of the acrobatics teams are a particular highlight of the event. The best performance pieces and most exciting shows will be awarded will be awarded with the FuFAH prize of honour, which is presented by friends and patrons of Aachen’s University Sports. Will the ET Lions be able to take home the trophy for the third time in a row? The competition in the form of the Aachen Steelers and Medical Strikers will not give up easily.

However, the charitable purpose of the cult event should not be forgotten next to all the fun and games: Next to “Right to Play”, the proceeds this year will also be going toward supporting Aachener Engel e.V.

Additionally, a new partner has been brought aboard: the world’s largerst professional services network Deloitte. Doloitte has been at the forefront of attractive global employers for many years. Like RWTH, the company attaches great importance to supporting talented young people and to the development of educational institutions, schools and universities.