Magic and Dance at the RWTH Gala Ball presented by Sparkasse Aachen in the Eurogress

Copyright: © Sarah Rauch

Last Saturday, November 3, over 800 guests showed up to a very special evening in the Eurogress. At the RWTH Gala Ball presented by Sparkasse Aachen, organized by the RWTH Aachen University Sports Center (HSZ), the colorful and enthusiastic crowd twirled across the dance floor.


The Gala Ball is the highlight of the university calendar. Before the event could start, the RWTH Talk took place in the adjoining Pullman Quellenhof Hotel. Here, the Rector Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rüdiger highlighted the importance, preparations for and prospects of the Exzellenzinitiative. This year, the rector of RWTH opened the dance floor for the first time, with a waltz together with his wife. He describes the Gala Ball as a “fingerprint of what the university has to offer.” This would be what is special about the event. The rector finds it exciting “to meet RWTH employees in a different context.”

Of the opinion, that excellence at university and university sports correlate, is Head of the University Sports Center, Peter Lynen. University Sports would serve as a counterbalance to the slog of everyday university life and promote social communication and student integration. University Sports “is foremost also support for the formation of social contacts and promotes communication between students”, explained Peter Lynen. Cause for excitement were the various show performances. The colorful performances of different dancers are, according to Ramon Marställer, Event Coordinator of the University Sports Center, next to the good show moderation and accompanying band a highlight of the event. With the showcase “Breaking News”, the Hip Hop dance group Campus Dance Crew gave a performance that stood in fantastic contrast to the classic dance styles of the dance couple Sara Wagner and Micheal Hesse of the dance formation TSC Schwarz Gelb Aachen.

Appropriate fine dress is, of course, a central part of the Gala Ball. Juliana Kirchhoff, Sport representative of the student bodies of RWTH and FH Aachen, in particular enjoys “smartening up and enjoying a stylish evening”. For many students, the Gala Ball is a great opportunity to have a go at dancing. In order to be well prepared for the event, students, as well as other guests and sponsors, had the opportunity to take part in various courses to learn the basic steps. Susanne Wiese and Julia Klein, representatives for ballroom dance at the University Sports Center, led the beginners dance courses, as well as those for more advanced dancers at the HSZ. The offer 200 student long waiting list confirms the popularity of the courses amongst members of the University.

Dr Christian Burmester, Chairman of Sparkasse Aachen, describes the Gala Ball as “a completely different kind of evening event, to which there is no equivalent”. The Gala Ball reaches young people, who are thereby supported in their daily university lives, rewarding their hard work and commitment. Especially the Head of the HSZ would be very pleased about that, as the festive atmosphere invites, according to Peter Lynen, exchange beyond the borders of departments and faculties”. Rector Rüdiger also welcomes the Gala Ball as a personal highlight. In the first 100 days of his tenure, he was able to settle in and begin looking forward to the Gala Ball.

The colorful performances and fantastic live music ensured an unforgettable evening for the guests. Into the small hours, the Eurogress was a place of high spirits and lively dance.