Cheering for a Good Cause


Next to ice hockey fun, cheerleader performances and excited fan crowds, the Ice Hockey Uni-Cup is primarily about social commitment. Every spectator and participant contributes to giving this event its greater purpose.

Thanks to its partners, the EUC supports two organisations every year, with donations going towards supporting education and combatting disease and poverty.

This year, aid money will again be going to the charity „Right to Play“. The internationally active organisation helps teach children in a playful way, supporting their development, education and health. Additionally, the charity helps give children greater access to sport and promotes peace in their communities, so that they can grow up in a better environment.

The other, new recipient of donations, Aachener Engel e.V., was founded in 2005 by Martin Lücker. The charity, which started by supporting seriously ill people, now works to support people in Aachen who suffer hardship through no fault of their own (victims of accidents, abuse, violence or social injustice). The charity supports disadvantaged children and teenagers preventively with sports offers and free educational programs.