WG Aachen climbs the Podium


For over 30 years the Ice Hockey Uni-Cup (EUC) has stood for sporting excellence and fun. On December 6 this year, the RWTH Aachen University Sports Center (HSZ) again hosted the event. As every year, the fans gave the event a unique atmosphere, that is traditionally characteristic for the event. With cheers and dazzling costumes, they supported their teams. A further highlight were the diverse themes. This year, the EUC was characterized by the ocean theme, but also the building site scenario made the EUC 2018 truly unforgettable.


On the first Advent weekend, from November 30 to December 2, 2018, the competition group (WG) Aachen very successfully held its own against the competition. This year, the University of Leipzig hosted the adh-Open, a national competition for sports that aren't in the official sports canon of the adh aren't therefore may not organize a DHM (German University Championship, in mixed water polo. Both Aachen teams were assigned to one of the 5-team groups. Aachen II quickly arose as a favourite and emerged as group winner. Aachen I was no less successful and following a series of exciting matches reached the top of the group – undefeated. The successful first day of competition was celebrated in the relaxed atmosphere of the Ernst-Moritz-Bastei.

The following day, WG Aachen entertained hopes of an All-Aachen Final. Unfortunately, these hopes were dashed when TU Dortmund put a spoke in Aachen I's wheel. As a result, the team had to compete for third place against the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), which had lost against Aachen II. Aachen I maintained it's status as a favourite and finished the tournament with a successful Bronze medal. The other Aachen team also brought the tournament to a successful end: It beat TU Dortmund with an outstanding score of 8:0.

Aachen decided the tournament and third place for itself, thereby qualifying for the European University Championship next year.