European Sports Project comes to a Successful End at RWTH Aachen University

  Copyright: © Sarah Rauch

After two years, everybody involved in „Active Campus Europe“ can look back at a successful project. The goal of the project was, within a given period, to get inactive students and employees of the universities to be more active during their everyday lives. RWTH Aachen University believes in supporting the health of all its students. "This is combined with networking and sharing of experiences in practice”, explains Prof. Dr. Doris Klee, Vice-Rector for Human Resources Management and Development of RWTH Aachen University. Thanks to the project it was possible to create a guide for other universities, „to encourage them to create and try out similar programs. The ‚Best Practice Handbook‘ collects the ideas of the all participating universities, allowing them to be shared with the other ACE universities and everybody else who is interested in motivating their students for a more active lifestyle.”

During the project, course instructors continuously encouraged the participants to keep going and connect their future with movement and sport. With 5 participating universities NRW was very well represented in the project. After such success, the demand for continuing such a project is high. Peter Lynen is pleased to announce that „a request for a follow-up project is in sight”. Answering the question if NRW will support such a new project again, Prof. Dr. Klee and Dr. Reinink agreed with one voice “Yes!”.