Thats's it, that's all - Hochschulsportshow 2019

Copyright: © Sarah Rauch

This year’s Hochschulsportshow of the RWTH Aachen University Sports Center (HSZ) was host to a raft of exciting and breathtaking stage performances. Next to the Ice Hockey Uni-Cup, the Hochschulsportshow is one of the highlights of the winter semester. Again, the university sports groups performed their spectacular acts with great passion. Prior to the show, athletes were honored for their outstanding achievements in their respective sports.


Those lucky enough to secure a ticket were again able to enjoy an exceptional show this year. The FH Aachen big band “Full House” fired up the crowd in the Königshügel sports hall. Professor Doris Klee, Prorector of RWTH Aachen University was impressed by the event: “It’s incredibly exciting to see what students are able to achieve in sports as well as in their studies.”

From the humorous show act “Judo with the Mouse” to the energetic Rock ’n’ Roll dance number, there was something for everyone. According to Peter Lynen, Head of the HSZ, the Hochschulsportshow is a performance show in which stereotypes are overcome. “While women are fighting in judo, men dance and prove their talent with the cheerleaders.” Ramon Marställer, Event Coordinator of the HSZ finds that every performance act represents a highlight.

Prof. Dr. Doris Klee concluded: “I love coming back every time!”

A traditional part of the Hochschulsportshow is the awarding of two prizes. The “Volunteering Prize of Sparkasse Aachen” was this year awarded to Mark Verjans, representative for Tennis, who for many years has been an active volunteer in university sports. By awarding the “Competitve Sports Prize of Aachen University Sports powered by STAWAG”, the HSZ seeks to honor the sporting achievements of outstanding athletes. This year, it was the turn of the Judoka Rahel Krause to receive the award. She has excelled in various national and international Judo competitions. The audience celebrated both winners frenetically.

Without the support of the volunteers and athletes an event like the Hochschulsportshow would not be possible, explained Peter Lynen. The Chairman of Sparkasse Aachen, Dr. Christian Burmester, praised the volunteers: “Sparkasse is committed to supporting the region and social fabric of Aachen with the prize.”

“Without the support of the university leadership this would all not have been possible”, said Peter Lynen, thanking the university administration. Prof. Dr. Klee of RWTH and Professor Dr.-Ing Rosenkranz of FH Aachen are enthusiastic about the work of the University Sports Center and want to throw their weight behind solving the difficult sports facilities situation. From a representative study from as early 2009 it is known, that demand from students and employees of the university for the sports offers of the HSZ exceeds what the University Sports Center is able to provide, a problem which can largely be traced back to a shortage of sports facilities. A new sports facility of FH Aachen on the Campus Jülich, the demolition and rebuilding of Königshügel sports hall and further sports facilities on the Campus Melaten are in planning.

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