Narrow Defeat for Aachen at the Preliminary Round of DHM Table Tennis

WG Aachen: Max Albracht, Carsten Schlotterhose, Justus Behrend, and Boris Zhao Copyright: © Carsten Schlotterhose

On December 10, a preliminary round of the German University Championship (DHM) Table Tennis took place in Aachen. The Aachen team welcomed WG Bochum and WG Saarbrücken for the team competition in Group B. The matches were played in the Sports Hall Eckertweg of the University Sports Center (HSZ).


WG Bochum defeated WG Aachen in an exciting and long match after two hours with 4:6. With the victory over WG Saarbrücken, the Bochum team secured its entry into the final round. In another match, WG Aachen won against Saarbrücken and thus took second place in Group B. Unfortunately, this was not enough for WG Aachen to qualify for the final round.