RWTH Campuslauf in Person: Enthusiastic Runners at Campus Melaten

Runners at Campuslauf © Sarah Rauch

Joy, fun, and a competitive atmosphere at Campus Melaten: The RWTH Aachen University Sports Center (HSZ) attracted over 800 participants to the Campuslauf on April 29. Prorector of RWTH Aachen University Professor Aloys Krieg is pleased that the campus is vibrant.


Many Motivated Runners at the In-Person Run

With the start into the summer semester, the Campuslauf 2022 as the first big event finally started again in person. The more than 800 participating athletes competed highly motivated in three different runs against and with each other. During the FunRun, FitnessRun, relay run, and a colorful supporting program, the participants and guests were able to discover Campus Melaten anew. Peter Lynen, head of the HSZ, was pleased to finally present the first sporting running event this year with the Campuslauf. Two years, two months, and 24 days have passed since the last in-person event of the HSZ. This makes it all the more exciting that the RWTH Campuslauf is finally getting underway again today.

The Colorful Supporting Program at the Campuslauf

In addition to the route, the colorful supporting program provided entertainment. In the start and finish area, a samba group motivated the runners with its rhythmic sounds and a DJ provided background music. After the run, the exhausted athletes could relax at the massage booth of the Techniker Krankenkasse. Professor Dr. Aloys Krieg, Prorector for Teaching and Learning at RWTH Aachen University, is thrilled by so much joy and life on and off the course at Campus Melaten. The Campus Melaten is the future heart of the RWTH, he says. Not only research facilities but also campus life would be created here. The "Bring Your Kids" children's program offered entertainment for the whole family. At the RWTH Campuslauf Kids, even the youngest guests were able to follow in their parents' running footsteps.

The Cooperation Between RWTH Aachen University and FH Aachen

The cooperation between the RWTH Aachen University and the FH Aachen at the Campuslauf enables a special exchange between the students. Professor Dr. Christof Schelthoff, Prorector for Strategic Planning, Financing, and Controlling at the FH Aachen, sees this as an opportunity. The FH and RWTH have long since ceased to be competitors. In sports, students from both universities could meet each other and make contacts.

Support From Many Volunteers

The RWTH Campuslauf was only possible with the help of numerous supporting hands. Many of them were student volunteers. Their help gave them exciting insights and interesting experiences behind the scenes of the Campuslauf from the HSZ. Juliana Kirchhoff, sports officer for the Aachen student bodies, is thrilled with the support and knows how important volunteer work is. Especially now after the Corona period, she says, students need sports to experience social interaction again. At the Campuslauf, she sees how the students flourish here.

Future Plans for the Campus Melaten

A lot is planned for Campus Melaten in the future. Many institutes will continue to be built here. But sports are also to have a permanent presence. Particularly among students, the desire for a university sports location at Campus Melaten is very high.

Looking Forward to the Upcoming Summer Semester Events

The HSZ would like to thank all those involved for their all-round support and is delighted with the first successful sports event in two years. Special thanks go to the Techniker Krankenkasse, the universities as well as the volunteer helpers. All students, runners, and guests can already look forward to the other events of the summer semester.

Winners of the Campuslauf 2022

The following runners were particularly successful at the Campuslauf 2022.

FunRun (4.6 km):

In the women's category:

1st Lisanne Naumann 17:38

2nd Eva Keiten-Schmitz 19:00

3rd Carlotta Flöte 19:01

In the men's category:

1st Niklas Löbner 15:02

2nd Hendrik Naumann 15:36

3rd Robin Michaelis 15:40


In the women's category:

1st Leah Giesen 34:21

2nd Olivia Peel 35:36

3rd Susan Stead 35:38

In the men's category:

1st Dmitrii Korneev 28:40

2nd Henrik Hoffmann 28:48

3rd Paul Senger 30:22

Relay run:

1st DLC Aachen 31:13

2nd 4 for Dennis 32:32

3rd Team Tempo 32:35

More information is available on the Campuslauf page.

Aachen, April 29, 2022     Laura Sobczyk, Hedda Faber, Press Assistance