Carbon Footprint of the adh Perspective Meeting

mobile phone with opened survey Copyright: © HSZ

From May 17 to 19, the Perspective Meeting of the German University Sports Federation (adh) took place in Aachen. At this event, in addition to exciting presentations and activities around the topic of "Internationalization in University Sports", the focus was also on sustainability. In order to be able to determine the impact of the event on the climate, the carbon footprint was calculated. For this purpose, the calculation tool of the Swiss foundation myclimate was used.


With the calculation, the RWTH University Sports Center (HSZ) and the adh want to generate attention for the topic of sustainability. Thus, an awareness for sustainable behavior should be strengthened among the participants.

The categories mobility, accommodation, catering, energy, materials, transport, and waste were taken into account for the calculation. Exact values, as well as empirical values and projected values based on participant surveys, were used. Thus, the calculation resulted in a carbon amount of 15.7 tons for the entire three days. Calculated per person, this results in an average daily carbon footprint of 0.0638 tons.

A precise breakdown of the individual shares can be found in the following graphic:

  Copyright: © HSZ

The individual values were distributed as follows:

  • Mobility 10.0 t
  • Accommodation 3.4 t
  • Catering 1.4 t
  • Energy 0.728 t
  • Materials 0.025 t
  • Transport 0.004 t
  • Waste 0.162 t