After 2 years Corona break: German University Equestrian Games 2022 will take place in Aachen

Person on a horse Copyright: © HSZ

This year's German University Championship (DHM) Riding will take place in Aachen. After two years of not being able to hold the student equestrian tournament at all, it will finally go on in Aachen this year. The three-day event will be hosted by the RWTH University Sports Center (HSZ) from October 21 to 23. The organizer is the German University Sports Federation (adh). Riders from all over Germany are expected to attend the DHM.


Equestrianism has a high value in Aachen. The CHIO Aachen, also called the World Equestrian Festival, brings international equestrian athletes to Aachen every year. The HSZ also has its own annual equestrian event, the Concours Hippique Universitaire (CHU). So the HSZ and the student equestrian group Aachen are well prepared to host the DHM.

The DHM will take place in the Albert-Vahle-Hall on the grounds of the CHIO. There, the participating teams and individual competitors will compete against each other in the dressage arena on the first day, October 21. On October 22, the show jumpers will demonstrate their skills in a challenging obstacle course. Then on Sunday, October 23, the final rounds will take place and the first German University Champions in three years will finally be allowed to climb the winner's podium.

Admission is free and all those interested in equestrian sports are sincerely invited to watch the DHM Reiten 2022 as spectators.