From Home to the Ice Rink - Video Live Stream of the Ice Hockey Unicup

Two people playing ice hockey Copyright: © Sarah Rauch

This year, for the first time, there will be a live video broadcast of the Ice Hockey Unicup. On December 8, fans will be able to follow the iconic event via a live stream on the RWTH Youtube channel from 7:10 pm onwards.


The Ice Hockey Unicup is just around the corner: On December 8, the nerve-racking tournament of the mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and medicine student bodies starts. Every year, the event organized by the University Sports Center is an absolute highlight of the winter semester and tickets are highly desired. This year, too, the tickets were sold out within a very short time.

This year there is a consolation for all fans who could not get hold of tickets. For the first time, there will be a live video broadcast of the event. The livestream will run on December 8 from 19:10 on the RWTH Youtube channel. This way, all ice hockey and cheerleading enthusiasts can experience the event up close and cheer on their team together.

A team of communication design students from Aachen University of Applied Sciences will be in charge of the broadcast, and the university radio will be in charge of the moderation. A special thanks goes to the university radio, which actively supports the live broadcast and thus contributes to a smooth process.