Last University Sports Show in the Old Königshügel Sports Hall

Participants of the show pose for a group photo © HSZ

On February 7, the groups of Aachen University Sports will present their skills for the last time in the current Königshügel Hall in a unique show: Breathtaking show performances of various dance, acrobatics and martial arts groups impress the audience in the Königshügel sports hall. In addition, top athletes from Aachen will be honored. 


Impressive Acts in the Air and on the Floor

Between sequined dresses, Rhön wheels and combative displays: spectators can be captivated by spectacular performances in the air and on the ground at this year's University Sports Show. In addition to cheerleaders, impressive acrobatics and oriental dance, martial arts groups will also demonstrate their skills on stage. As usual, participants and spectators can look forward to the musical support of the Big Band of the FH Aachen "Full House".

Opening Performance with Impressions from the Current Situation in Iran

This year's opening performance was choreographed by Shahin Sadatolhosseini. Born in Iran, Sadatolhosseini came to Germany at a young age and discovered wheel gymnastics while living in Aachen. As an artist, he travels the world with his rhönrad. In 2017, he traveled on foot with his rhönrad from Aachen to Iran. He was also there in 2022 when the protests began. His impressions of the current situation in Iran are now included in the opening show. The performance will be musically accompanied by the Iranian-born singer Sanaz.

Volunteer Award and Top Sports Award to be Presented

First, all athletes will be celebrated at the honoring ceremony. The "Top Sports Award of Aachen University Sports powered by STAWAG" will be awarded to athletes with above-average sporting achievements gained in competitions. The "Ehrenamtspreis der Sparkasse Aachen" is awarded for a remarkable commitment to University Sports.

Advance Ticket Sales and Schedule of the Evening

Advance ticket sales began two weeks before the show and tickets sold out in a very short time.

The University Sports Show begins at 6:30 pm, with doors opening at 5:45 pm. For those who haven't had enough after the show and want to continue partying, there will be an after-show party at the Apollo starting at 11pm.