The Enthusiasm at the Last University Sports Show in the Old Sports Hall at the King's Hill was Huge!

Cheerleaders in the stand position © Sarah Rauch

For the last time, the University Sports Show of the RWTH University Sports Center (HSZ) impressed all the audience and participants in the old Königshügel sports hall. In addition to unique athletic performances and a fascinating opening show, athletes were honored for their extraordinary achievements in their disciplines.


University Sports Show Connects and Creates Unique Atmosphere

At a spectacular last show in the current Königshügelhalle, all the audience and participants celebrated University Sports. The BigBand "Full House" of the FH Aachen provided a unique atmosphere. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rüdiger, Rector of RWTH Aachen University, was enthusiastic about his first participation in the University Sports Show. The Hochschulsportshow shows how diverse the sports at the HSZ are and how important the balance to the studies is. The athletic and honorary achievements presented today deserve the greatest respect. Prof. Dr. Bernd P. Pietschmann, Rector of the FH Aachen, agrees and emphasizes the importance of such events for the cooperation between the universities. Sport connects people and encourages them to perform at their best. University Sports are of great importance for the FH Aachen. Flying cheerleaders, energetic fights and rolling Rhön wheels enchanted the audience with their skills on stage. University Sports are not only a balance to the stressful daily student life, but also connect people in a special way. Nations come together. Fun, joy and enthusiasm are equally high among the audience and the participants. Peter Lynen, director of the HSZ, was pleased about the huge range of performances and the great diversity in University Sports.

Opening Show Embodies Diversity, Democracy and Openness

The opening show choreographed by Shahin Sadatolhosseini was unique. Born in Iran, Sadatolhosseini has traveled the world as an artist with his rhönrad. During his last trip to Iran in 2022, he also experienced the beginning protests. He processed his impressions with the help of musical accompaniment by the Iranian singer Sanaz during the performance. In this way, concepts such as freedom or love were portrayed by people. Peter Lynen explains that values like diversity, democracy and openness made a special statement. He added that this also showed on one evening how important these values are for the two universities.

Volunteer Award and Top Sports Award Presented at the Honors Ceremony

Traditionally, the most successful athletes were also honored this time. With 6 first places, 11 second places and 18 third places in various competitions in the past three years, outstanding achievements were made. This year, the "Ehrenamtspreis der Sparkasse Aachen" was awarded to Carsten Schlotterhose. He stood out for his extraordinary commitment to his sport of table tennis. Dr. Christian Burmester, member of the board of Sparkasse Aachen, complimented this commitment. The support of the volunteers as well as the athletes make events like the University Sports Show possible at all and are an enrichment for everyone.

The "Aachen University Sports Award powered by STAWAG" honors outstanding achievements in the field of sports. The prize winners were Philipp Pabst and Sven Farwig. They were highly successful at Bridge, a sport in which they competed. On behalf of STAWAG, Eva Wußing congratulated the two on their victory.

The HSZ Looks to the Future with Optimism

The last University Sports Show in the old Königshügel sports hall marks the end of an era. The following weeks will see the demolition of the hall and the construction of an interim building. Peter Lynen and the HSZ are looking positively into the future. We are still planning a great program and as much structure as possible. The new hall would then look and be equipped even more modern in return.