Oriental Dance

  Belly dancers performing Copyright: © HSZ

Oriental and indian dance is equally suitable for women and men of every age. It improves one's self-confidence and is an oasis of energy and zest for life. Oriental dance has a strong, positive influence on posture, musculature, the core, pelvis, and spine. The isolated movements lead to particularly intensive body perception. In the first class you will immediately see that oriental dance is more than just shaking your hips. With the sounds of the Orient in the background you will receive instruction on how to athletically, dynamically, and elegantly move your body.



Gregor Lowinski




Basic Information

Sports Facilities

Gymnastikraum Ahornstraße


You must wear suitable athletic clothing. Please bring comfortable clothing, socks, and if you have one, a hip scarf and schawl.


Course Cancellations and Facility Closures

If you would like to be informed of last minute course cancellations and facility closures affecting this course, please join the corresponding mailing list.

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