Interim Program Expanded from June 2

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Indoor Offers are now also Possible Again

From June 2, 2020, the HSZ will be offering an expanded interim program. It includes various indoor offers and the reopening of the RWTH GYM.
The NRW state government has permitted contact sports again from May 30, 2020. We ask for your understanding that the HSZ will not be offering these sports despite having the option. The university administration has decided on a cautious resumption of sports operations, that will initially only take place “contactless” in order to continue to hinder the spread of the corona virus. In this context, we apologize that we are not always able to resume the sports offers permitted by the state of NRW immediately on the announced date. The reason for this is the provision of the relevant regulations only on very short notice and the time and manpower requirements of implementing these regulations responsibly.
The complete overview shows what is currently possible and bookable.