Gala Ball History

  Black and white photo of a dancing couple Copyright: © University Sports Center  

At the end of '80s it was just a timid end-of-course dance for the dance courses. Soon after it became the University Sports Ball and since 1995 it has been known at the RWTH Aachen Gala Ball.

Organized by the RWTH Aachen University Sports Center, HSZ for short, the ball has traditionally been held every year in the Europasaal of the Eurogress. Nowadays over 800 students, employees, and guests of RWTH Aachen come to dance in the glorious ambience. The Gala Ball has well established itself as the social highlight of academic life in Aachen.

Traditionally the ball is opened by a representative from the RWTH Aachen rectorate. The ballroom dance rounds are supplemented with performances by high-class dance pairs, university dance groups, and acrobatic elements, all planned by various university sports groups. The ballroom was even transformed into a sword fighting arena, been the stage for aero wheels, and been covered with gymnastics mats.

The Gala Ball distinguishes itself not only through the creative show elements but above all through its glamorous atmosphere, making it a particular highlight on the event calendar of the HSZ and RWTH Aachen.

Since 2012 the Gala Ball has been exclusively presented by Sparkasse Aachen. By supporting the ball Sparkasse Aachen underlines its long standing involvement with the University and with University Sports in Aachen. Its partnership with University Sports, which was established in 2002, is, in its own words, a cornerstone of Sparkasse's university involvement.