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Dates and Booking

Tennis Facility Professor-Pirlet-Straße


Dates and Booking



Dates and Booking

Tennishall Vaals



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Program and Booking

You have the opportunity to book tennis courts by the hour. As with other offers, these single dates can be booked online and payment is by direct debit.

Please note the special payment conditions of the Tennishalle Vaals at the end of the page!
Depending on the season, the venue is either the university’s own Tennisanlage Professor-Pirlet-Straße in summer or the Tennishalle Vaals in winter. From time to time playing on our Allwetterplatz Königshügel is also possible! While in the summer, booking single-dates is available daily, booking in Vaals is only available at selected times and on special conditions.

Target Group and Requirements

Single-date booking and registration in pairs are mandatory.

All tennis players who are registered online for the date are eligible to play. Both singles and doubles are allowed, as long as all players are registered online for the date:

A person books the single-date by providing the account details from which the fee for the court is debited by direct debit. Afterwards, the person who booked the court has to forward the email address, which was entered during the booking and acts as a password for the further bookings of the teammates, to his teammates. All teammates must now register, also online, in the booked time slot. A court may only be used with a maximum of 4 people in total.

A substitution can be communicated to the by email at least one hour before the start of the match. Please include:
Subject: Tennis single-date booking (day, time): Substitute person for last name, first name.
The email must include the substitute's last name, first name, status, and email address.
Concerning the fee, substitutes agree with the booking person. The debit will be made at the bank mentioned in the initial registration.

Court reservations for the Tennis Facility Professor-Pirlet-Str. can be made by students, staff, and guests a maximum of 24 hours in advance. There is a charge for tennis court single-date bookings. Guests pay a higher fee.

Bookings for the courts of the tennis hall in Vaals via the university sports offer can only be made by students and staff of the RWTH.

Check-In Before The Start of The Game

The access authorization for the courts on Tennis Facility Prof.-Pirlet-Str. and the Allwetterplatz is to be put into the "Check-In-Box" on the court before the start of the game and without being asked, so that the photo and name can be read. After the control by the sports supervisors and/or the supervision of the Check-In-Box, it is to be taken out again immediately and kept safe.

In the tennis hall Vaals, the check-in and control of the 3G's with payment of the rest amount are done by the hall manager.

Two Persons Per Court

A court may only be entered in pairs as singles, doubles are not permitted.

Organizational Notices

Please observe the terms of use for the Professor-Pirlet-Straße tennis facility (de), the rules for the Tennishalle Vaals (de), and the terms of use for the Allwetterplatz Königshügel (en).

Please comply with the Rules of Conduct Corona of the University Sports Center. Please enter the court no more than 5 minutes before your appointment and leave no later than 5 minutes after your appointment. Please keep a distance of 5 meters to other playing groups and a distance of 2 meters to your playing partner.

Way to the Court and Change Between Sessions Tennis Facility Prof.-Pirlet-Str.

In order to avoid encounters and undercutting of safety distances, the following rules apply:

Before the start of the booked session:

  • Entering the court should be done in a time slot no more than 5 minutes before your appointment.
  • Arrivals will initially remain inside the fence after the access authorizations have been placed in the Check-In Box.
  • After the previous players have cleared and left the court, proceed to the two vacant chairs on one side of the court.

After the End of the Playing Time:

  • Pulling off the court is part of the 60-minute playing time.
  • Exit immediately after the court is pulled off and the trawl nets are hung.
  • At the latest five minutes after the end of the booked session, the players must leave the grounds of the HSZ/the tennis facility through the door.

The concrete route can be taken from the sketches at the tennis courts.

Tennis Shoes Requirement!

For participation in the tennis program, own and the respective surface appropriate tennis shoes are required!

You will need outdoor tennis shoes (clay court tennis shoes or all court tennis shoes) to play on the ash courts of the Tennisanlage Professor Pirlet Straße during the summer semester. Sports shoes for other sports are not permitted.

An exception is our Allwetterplatz, where flat-soled sports shoes for other sports may be used. Cleated and pimpled shoes are prohibited as these shoes severely damage the surface!

The tennis hall is carpeted, special indoor tennis shoes with smooth and non-marking soles are required.

We ask for your understanding, that to maintain the playability of the court surfaces the staff monitor and enforce the shoe regulations. In case of violation, you may be barred from further use of the facility and the fees will not be refunded!

Balls and Racquets

You must bring your own balls and racquet.

Bring a Towel

You must bring your own towel for use as a sitting surface or to wipe off sweat.

Times and Fees

Tennisanlage Professor-Pirlet-Straße in the Summer Semester and Allwetterplatz



Costs per Court and Hour

Monday to Friday

8am to 4pm

8.50 Euros

Monday to Friday

5pm to 9pm

11.50 Euros

Saturday and Sunday

9am to 9pm

11.50 Euros

Tennishalle Vaals in the Winter Semester

Please note, that after a booking for Tennishalle Vaals only the reservation fee of 1€ will be charged by direct debit. The rest must be paid in cash on site.



Cost per Court and Hour

Monday to Friday

8am to 5pm and

9pm to 11pm

19 Euros

Monday to Friday

5pm to 9pm

25 Euros

Saturday and Sunday

10am to 11pm

22 Euros


  • Your booking is binding! Cancellations can only be made by the Service Point of the University Sports Center, provided that you notify your cancellation request in writing by email.
  • In case of cancellation of a single-date booking at shorter notice than 24 hours before the booked session, there is no right to a refund, unless the reserved session can be given to another participant!
  • If the University Sports Center has to cancel an appointment, the team at the Service Point will always do so by email; if it is at short notice on the same day, additionally by telephone. In this case, the fee will be refunded in full, without deduction of any fees. Outside the opening hours of the Service Point, please check in advance with the sports administrator about the playability of the courts.

Links and Other activities

Via the sports partner exchange, you have the possibility to find a playing partner!


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