Fantastic Atmosphere On and Along the Path at the 27th Lousberglauf powered by STAWAG

Runners at the Lousberglauf Copyright: © HSZ

2,000 runners once again addictively awaited the sound of the starting gun at this year's Lousberglauf powered by STAWAG – the Aachen cult running event of the year!


Everything was just right at this year's Lousberglauf – almost. The summer alone disappointed us Wednesday evening. However, this didn't ruin the mood of the approximately 2,000 participants and hundreds of spectators. In fact, it was just the opposite. The participants were at least as spirited as the weather. The Lousberglauf powered by STAWAG is a cult event, once again more than earning this reputation this year: No matter if you were a professional or hobby runner, in functional running clothing, or dressed as a frog or animal, everyone had the same goal: achieving the 5,555 meters and having fun!

"The core of the event is having the universities and their members run together. There are no differences between the professors, staff, or students. It's just a fun celebration," said Professor Michael Wulf, vice-rector at FH for university development, describing the character of the most popular running event in the region. The event's integrative element is also visible in the cooperation between the members of the university and citizens of Aachen, who help the run organizers prepare and implement the run. "The city's objective is to create awareness for the universities and science among Aachen residents. Sport is an important connecting element," said Dr. Margrethe Schmeer, mayor of Aachen. Togetherness is important at the Lousberglauf. "We often see departments with their own teams at the starting line. The team building at this event is remarkable," said Professor Doris Klee, vice-rector for human resources management and development at RWTH Aachen. The Lousberglauf is about more than just the race. "Team prepare together weeks in advance, support each other, and compete against others together," added Peter Lynen.

Mussa Hudrog Dominates Once Again

In the men's division Mussa Hudrog stole the race with a time of 17:23,6. With the ground wet he wasn't able to improve his time from the previous year, but he still arrive nine seconds ahead of the second place runner Yannic Stollenwerk and 32 seconds before the third place winner Arnar Petursson. Amy Stephenson took place among the women with 19:38,1, with Maike Schön and Kira von Ehren coming in second and third respectively.

RWTH Just Misses Earning UniLaufCup Title

In the running series different university teams run four races, where they fight for points to be added up at the end. The Lousberglauf was the final race following those in Dortmund, Cologne, and Münster. The reigning champions from Aachen gave their best but finished in second place behind the University of Cologne.

From Tradition to Collaboration

This was the 27th time the Lousberglauf was organized by the HSZ and residents of the Rütscher Straße apartment towers together. Approximately 200 volunteers helped on July 13. "These 27 years stand for tradition and cult. It is also remarkable that students manage to be so extraordinarily dedicated despite the exam period," said Peter Lynen, head of the University Sports Center. The volunteers aren't the only ones who signficantly contribute to putting on the event though: "Such an event wouldn't be possible without the support of partners and sponsors like our primary sponsor STAWAG and Student Services," said Peter Lynen.

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