Donation Recipients

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The RWTH Aachen Ice Hockey Uni Cup is a charitable event. Proceeds from the event are donated every year. Donation recipients include organizations from the Aachen region as well as international organizations, who use the money in precisely specified non-profit projects.

Below are listed the donation recipients since 1999:


Right to Play
Every child has the right to play! Right to play is an international organisation which teaches disadvantaged children vital knowledge in a playful manner, thereby promoting their development, education, health and peace in their communities.

Aachener Kältehelfer

Volunteers from Aachen, who work in the cold, take care of those in need of help, who are out on the streets of the city at night. This closes the gap to the assistance organizations that take care of homeless and people in need during the daytime.


Right to Play.

Under the motto "For every child a packed breakfast!" Breakfast4Kids has set as its goal the daily provision of breaktime snacks to as many children as possible. Currently, the charity supports 32 schools in the städteregion Aachen as well as the Cologne area, supporting ca. 960 needy children, overall.


Right to Play

Aachener Engel e.V.
The Aachener Engel were founded in 2005 by Martin Lücker. Initially run as a personal initiative, the charity accompanies seriously ill Aachen residents on their hard journeys. Additionally, the angels look after those who have fallen ill, been abused or otherwise fallen into hardship and offer disadvantaged children the opportunity to partake in sport and enjoy access to free education.

2017 Right to Play and Abenteuerspielplatz „Zum Kirschbäumchen“
2016 Right to Play and Wabe e.V.
2015 Right to Play Lebanon and Aachener Hände
2014 Right to Play Mali and Heim Maria im Tann
2013 Right to Play „Rwanda“ and Running for Kids
2012 Right to Play „Rwanda“ and Rock Your Life!
2011 Right to Play „Rwanda“ and AACHEN MACHT SATT
2010 Right to Play „Rwanda“ and Herzkrankes Kind Aachen e.V.
2009 Right to Play „Rwanda“ and Ronald McDonald Haus
2008 Right to Play & Hilfe für Peru
2007 Reisende Werkschule
2006 Right to Play
2005 ASA-Programm (HIV Prävention in Tansania, Deutschland und der Slowakei)
2004 help e.V. und Klinik für Palliativmedizin
2003 Aachener Tafel
2002 Kinderkrippe des Studentenwerkes der RWTH Aachen
2001 Kinderheim Branderhofer Weg
2000 Regionalstelle für Ausländerarbeit der Stadt
1999 Kinder- und Jugendheim Maria im Tann