Take the Opportunity, Register and Be Part of the RWTH FH Sports Day


Doing sports outside is a great thing, but when you are able to test different types of interesting sport at the same time, the sporting side of the day couldn’t be better. Interested? So be part of the Sports Day powered by Sparkasse Aachen at the Königshügel on June 21. 

  Königshügel on Sports Day Copyright: © HSZ

The Aachen University’s Sports Day is one of the biggest events the University Sports Center (HSZ) has to offer. There is no similar opportunity for students to try out so many types of sports in order to find their new favorite- this year there are more than 50 offers!

Even more interesting are the diverse tournaments of the Sports Day. Whether it is soccer, badminton, streetball, tennis or beach volleyball- everyone that is interested in challenging themselves in suspenseful tournaments will find its perfect offer. And even if you would like to do some sport that is less physical, table soccer or table tennis tournaments might be the right one for you.

Moreover, another highlight is the Institute Olympics. Different institutions of the universities in Aachen will compete against each other sportively as well as in exercises concerning coordination, skills and team spirit- only those that are working together can be the final winner.

It is still possible to register to several tournaments of the Sports Day. As university sessions in the afternoon will not take place, everyone is able to participate. Winners can not only be happy about a glorious award ceremony, on top of this the after show party of the General Student Committee of RWTH will take place at the Apollo, so all successes can be celebrated even more.