New Cardio Machines and Spinning® Bikes in the RWTH GYM

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Already in November the University Sports Center acquired 21 units of the newest generation of Spinner® Shift Bikes. These increase the available number of Spinning® Bikes for our popular Spinning® courses to a total of 26.


A further modernization and improvement is the acquisition of 38 state of the art cardio machines, which have proved popular since taking their places in the RWTH GYM in February this year.

The new machines include 14 AMT®835 elliptical trainers, with a particularly comfortable and adjustable stride length of up to 91cm. This enables gym-goers of all sizes to exercise with particularly ergonomic movement patterns. Additionally, the range of exercise machines has been extended with six EFX®835 cross trainers and eight TRM 835 treadmills. The treadmills, for example, offer 27 different training programs and have an optimized running surface. These are further supplemented by ten RBK 885 recumbent bikes. Equipped with the newest generation of operating console, in our digital age, they allow for a wide range of (novel) functions.

Users can, for example, set up an individual account in the Preva® network, without having to provide personal data, allowing them to keep an training diary.

Additionally, the RBK bikes have over 17 standard programs. Its functions are supplemented by access to the internet. Check your emails while exercising or catch up with world events by reading one of a variety of online magazines. The options are endless.

Have fun!