Rules of the Game

  Goalie with hands in the air Copyright: © HSZ  

The student teams play five against five, as is customary in ice hockey. The student teams and the professor teams play six against six. All three squads consist of nine players. The professors' squad may be reinforced by a maximum of four senior engineers or senior physicians. However, only a maximum of two senior engineers or senior physicians under the age of 50 may play on the ice at the same time.
The participating players must never have played ice or street field hockey in a club before. They must belong to the student body for which they are playing, i.e. they must be studying a subject related to electrical engineering, medicine or mechanical engineering.
Each game consists of two halves, each lasting five minutes, a first and second leg, which starts with a score of 0:0. Matches for the Uni-Cup are scored according to the generally accepted scoring system of the three-point rule: three points are awarded for a match won, a draw is awarded one point and a match lost is awarded zero points.
If there is a draw between the faculties at the end of all games, a final penalty shoot-out will take place!